Gas turbine power generation plants based on the following units

Gas turbine power plants (GTPP) are intended to serve as main or stand-by electric and heat power source for industrial and residential consumers at any climatic conditions.

Use of such power plants at remote locations significantly reduce the costs due to avoidance of construction and further operation of long power transmission lines. In central regions such power plants increase reliability of electric and heat power sources both to individual companies and whole regions.

GTPPs have modular design and are composed of highly unified compartments and modules. Such design approach allows to easily develop new product modifications within shot-time frames and retrofit/upgrade obsolete facilities at minimum costs.

Modular design ensures high GTPP prefabrication level. GTPP modules are installed by means of multi-purpose hoisting and erection equipment. Module dimensions do not exceed railroad transportation dimensions.

For additional heat power generation GTPP can be equipped with a heat exchanger for hot water generation or with a waste heat boiler for steam generation for industrial purposes.

With GTPPs automation the power plant can run unattended. GTPP is controlled from the main control panel, which is included into GTPPs scope of supply. Only three people are required to operate the power plant: operator, electrician and mechanic on duty. There is a reliable protection system to ensure safety of personnel and GTPP systems in case of emergency.

Automatic Control Systems

Electric Equipment

Gas turbine unit hydraulic start-up systems

Electromagnetic Bearings