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Regional Energy Program Regional Energy Program
Regional Energy Program

Regional energy programRegional energy program

In the last years a number of Russian Federation territories decided to reconstruct some old district power plants, thermal power plants, and municipal boiler plants into gas turbine thermal power plants with investments from regional and municipal budgets. This highlighted benefits of such reconstruction as a way to resolve problems in supply of electric power and hot water to smaller towns, settlements, industrial facilities, and public utilities.

At present, the Perm Krai and the Urals Region can boast highly economical and efficient industrial cooperation for serial production and delivery of small and medium range gas turbine power plants.

Under the Regional Small Range Power Industry Development Program, Iskra-Energetika in collaboration with other Perm Krai companies proposed a regional target program named Perm-Based Gas Turbine Technologies For Heat And Power Supply Systems. It provides for wider use of gas turbine heat and power plants (HPPs) in the Perm Krai economics and, in particular, in public electric power utilities.

Benefits of gas turbine technology of heat and power generation are the following:

  • High fuel efficiency. Specific consumption of fuel in gas turbine technologies is about 160 g of fuel equivalent per kWh, two times lower than that at main facilities of AO Energo. One should take into account that fuel costs constitute more than a half of the power production costs.
  • High equipment reliability. A major reliability marker technical readiness coefficient is about 0.99, that is much higher than the mean value at existing power plants where it does not exceed 0.85.
  • Longer overhaul life about 25-35 M hours.

High equipment reliability reduces maintenance and repair costs which reduces total costs of power generation.

Implementation of the regional program Perm-Based Gas Turbine Technologies For Heat And Power Supply Systems will permit to reduce power generation costs in the Perm Krai and fuel consumption. It will also create additional employment, help to develop municipal grids and to use resources cost-effectively.