Regional Energy Program Regional Energy Program
Regional Energy Program


  • Delivery of 2.5, 4, 5, 6, 12, 16, and 25 MW gas turbine power plants of outdoor/modular and indoor/hangar design.
  • Delivery of multi-unit power plants composed of 2 to 7 gas turbine power units located in a common housing.
  • Reconstruction of the existing facilities for installation of gas turbine power units.
  • Full range of design, construction, installation, commissioning of gas turbine power plants on turnkey basis.


  • Survey of customers facilities to select the best site for construction
  • Development of construction specifications
  • Feasibility study including risk assessment
  • Rationale of investment
  • Development of technical and commercial proposals for equipment delivery and power plant construction
  • Designing


  • Shop floor areas for fitting, assembly, and welding
  • Performance of electric installation works and installation of instrumentation
  • Qualified assembly fitters, construction electricians, and welders
  • Certified fiber optic cable installation and maintenance specialists
  • Adjustment and operation of turbine generators and gas turbine units
  • Advanced laser shaft alignment equipment


  • Commissioning of installed equipment
  • Installation, adjustment, and maintenance of fire protection and security control systems
  • Testing and measuring of electric equipment, including high-voltage equipment
  • Own electrical laboratory
  • Chemical analysis of oils for compliance with GOST requirements, metal content, and purity
  • Full instrumental diagnostics of parts and assemblies
  • Execution of authorization documents upon commissioning


  • Provision of a full range of design, construction, installation, and commissioning with bringing the facility


  • Development of technical specifications
  • Release of initial data for design
  • Performance of general designer functions
  • Performance of design
  • Tying of a gas turbine power plant to the site
  • Obtainment of permits and approvals for construction
  • Appraisal of developed construction documents


  • Performance of general contractor functions
  • Preparation of a construction site
  • Construction oversight
  • Construction management
  • Fabrication and installation of process and customized equipment


  • Continuous training courses in maintenance and operation of gas turbine power plants
  • Customer attending personnel training
  • Warranty and after-warranty maintenance
  • Operation of power plant
  • Operation under supervision
  • Supply of spare parts and accessories
  • Regular maintenance
  • Repair of components and overhauls
  • Equipment lease
  • Operation status reporting
  • Distribution of information and service bulletins
  • Establishment of area maintenance centers
  • Upgrade of gas turbine power plants in the course of operation